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Well, speaking frankly we are just like you, we loves to study science, talking about the concepts and sharing useful tips to hack the ordinary life.
We studied a lot of books, with all those books and concepts which we studied, we got a decent amount of knowledge, which we always wanted to share and discuss with the people around us.
And one day we decided to start a blog to share useful tips that can be helpful for other people. Then we started to write the articles and we purchased a domain called form Godaddy. And Google’s Blogger service helped us to implement our ideas.

The website mainly focuses on explaining the useful tips and daily life-hacks. The main purpose of TipsLake is to spread the true knowledge and awareness among the people. From this website we also share brief knowledge of new inventions and articles which are trending on the internet.
And we are not the only people who writes for but also some other bloggers.
If you have some understanding about science topics that could be useful to others, then please don't vacillate to mail us on -

We hope you enjoy reading articles from TipsLake and make it one of your regularly visited website.

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