Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once In Your Life?

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Danny Kaye truly said “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”
Traveling with family, friends or even acquaintances can be incredibly rewarding, offering experiences and laughs that can bind us for a lifetime. Although it’s great to spend vacations seeing the world with family, friends, or a lover, traveling alone can also be completely incredible. Yet many veteran travelers have memories of extraordinary, eye-opening solo trips of glorious days when they set out alone and found out and noticed things they might never have done otherwise. Traveling alone is truly one of the best and most rewarding gifts you can ever give yourself. Not only it is exciting and fun, but it’s quite an eye-opening and liberating experience as well. Whether you’re traveling to an international tropical paradise or a local urban haven, you won’t regret traveling alone. 
Need a little push to jump-start your solo escapade? Here are some reasons why traveling alone is an amazing experience that you should try at least once in your life. 

1)It boosts your confidence:
Traveling alone is an empowering, life-changing journey that can greatly boost your confidence. Once you’ve survived a solo adventure, you’ll feel like you can conquer any challenges and do anything you want. To survive a trip alone (with complex travel plans and language barriers) shows that you’re so much more capable than you think and expect. 

2)You have complete financial control:
 Want to blow a ton of money on a waterfront room? Go for it. Want to spend next to nothing on food? Fine. Want to go only to free museums, events and attractions? Keep your money. As a solo traveler, you have the last (and only) word on every dollar you spend.

3) Self Awareness:
 Solo travel gives you a chance to listen to your gut and control what direction you want to head. It allows you to reflect on your decisions and discover more about what makes you, you. When you venture out into the world on your own, you eventually need to face who you are, what you care about and what you want to do with your time.

4)You Will Learn To Be Decisive:
When traveling with a partner or a group, every idea can be bounced off someone else. When you travel alone, you will learn to be decisive; you will be making every decision alone. From where to eat, to what time to wake up, to what sights to see, and which airline to use, traveling solo forces you to rely on yours truly. As you realize you can make good choices without help from others, you will likely trust your instincts more, and this new found self-assurance and confidence will be helpful in many areas of your life.

5) You Will Meet New People:
If you enjoy meeting new friends, here’s your chance; you will likely find some when traveling alone. Since you won’t be focused on talking to anyone you know, you’ll be more likely to strike up conversations with strangers. For the most part, people who are alone seem more approachable and sociable to others. Meeting people from different backgrounds opens our minds, expands our world, and can inspire us a lot. You may meet some amazing locals or other adventurers like yourself; either way you’re bound to make some new friends during your journey.

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