Friday, 15 June 2018

10 Simple Ways To Create A Popular YouTube Channel

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1. Design your brand
Decide what the overall theme of your videos should be and how you want your channel to be known. Because of the massive influx of YouTube videos uploaded everyday, your videos should have a distinct quality to make them stand out from the rest. Be known as someone who makes amazing, edgy stop-motion videos rather than the common cute versions.
The name of your channel should incorporate what kind of videos viewers can expect from you. Having a logo that attracts and keeps people’s attention is also a bonus.

2. Have a professional approach.
YouTube is not only a place for home videos you and your friends decided to upload for fun; it’s also for professional use. Make people actually learn from your knowledge. If you have a degree in Chemistry and think people automatically shut their minds off upon mention of the subject, why not hold lectures online? Be sure to make it interesting and less intimidating by using less jargon and more specific, relatable examples.

3.Keep Things Consistent
To take things further than simply consistent branding, your content should be consistent, too. People will only subscribe to your channel if they know what it is they’re looking forward to.
If your audience loves your rants, publish a rant on the same day every week. If it turns out a certain structure for your videos was well received, make that your normal structure. If you’re answering audience questions, make sure it’s a regular show.

4. Engage with your audience.
When people are giving you their attention, especially when they go to the effort of commenting on your videos, the least you can do is engage with your fan base.After all, when people feel they have access to the person behind the brand, their loyalty rockets. This isn’t implying that you have to reply to every comment, but at least wade in occasionally to let people know you actually pay attention to what they think.

5. Work on the tags 
Tags let your videos be categorized and appear on YouTube searches easily. Make sure that they are relevant to your videodon’t just use popular tags such as famous artists’ names who are trending on YouTube. If your video is about making cupcakes from scratch, put the specific tag first follow by the generic ones.
For example, “How to make cupcakes from scratch” should be the prioritized tag. “Making cupcakes from scratch,” “Cupcakes,” “Party,” “Dessert,” and other related tags should follow.

6. Complete the description
Do not forget to complete the information on the description box. This is where you can freely state anything about the video. It will make viewers know more about the video before and after playing it. Giving complete information is not only professional, but it also lets viewers know that you are serious about what you are doing.

7. Videos should neither be too short nor too long
Do you think a 15-second video can teach viewers how to put on Halloween makeup? Will 30 minutes just for a reaction video get them to stay? No. Most people on the web have short attention span and if you give them something too long, it might be boring.
Something too short will make viewers look for more, and that’s not a good thing. They will look for other channels that offer them what they need, which you failed to give them.

8. Quality and varying content
The video’s content may be thought-provoking or extremely creative, but if the production value is low, nobody will continue playing it after the first few seconds. Invest in a video camera to capture videos in HD. If your channel mainly uses graphics, use a video editing program recommended by professionals.
It takes a lot of effort to make your videos look good, but if you are going create moving pictures, you might as well do it in a visually-appealing way.

9. Promote through other social media
Actively engage in social media to promote your YouTube channel. Facebook and Twitter are primary social networks you can use to let people in your circle know about your videos. This will not only target your family and friends but also people in your friends’ circles. Let them promote you too.
Use hashtags to let users who might be interested in the kind of videos you produce easily find you.

10. Embed it into your website
Do you have a website or blog that already has a following? Embed your YouTube videos on your website or post a link directing to your channel somewhere on your blog. Loyal followers share everything their favorite blogger posts, so it’s best to let them have something to promote.

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